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Mod Pack v1.2 – 26/02/2020

In order to play on on our WHITELISTED server, you must first download and install our mod pack. Click the download button below to download the zip file.​ Then, just follow the easy steps below to complete the installation.

1.  First,  open your game library on Steam.  Right click on the 7 Days to Die game.  In the new window that opens, left-click on Properties.​

2.  A new window will open.  Left-click on the LOCAL FILES tab.

3.  Now, left-click on the BROWSE LOCAL FILES button.

4.  This will open your computer’s local 7 Days to Die folder.  Place the file you downloaded into this folder.

5.  Now, you must extract the zip file here.  You can use any .zip extraction program such as WinZip or WinRar, etc.  I know Windows 10 already comes with it’s own extractor pre-installed.  I personally like to use 7-zip.  If you use 7-zip, you can just right click on the Mods zip file and click “Extract Here.”

6.  Once you have extracted the zip file, a directory called Mods will be created with all the client side modules ready to load when connecting to the server.

7.  Once you have extracted the files ensure you mod directory path is as follows \7DTD GAME FOLDER\Mods and not \7DTD GAME FOLDER\Mods\Mods.

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