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DigitalPlay Rules


S1. No private messaging admins about game related issues.
S2. Troubleshoot your issues yourself before asking admins for help.
S3. No bullying, trolling, harassment, being toxic, racism, sexism, bigotry or excessive swearing.
S4. No starting disputes about rule breaking in public chat, please use a ticket in such an event.
S5. No sharing information from support tickets.
S6. No sitting in lobby on horde nights. As this will still spawn horde at the lobby


G1. No making blocks fall.
G2. No cheating/hacking or abusing/exploiting alpha bugs.
G3. No killing players.
G4. No base griefing.
G5. No stealing from players.
G6. No bases or land claim over asphalt roads.
G7. No building bases in reset zones / cities.
G8. No bases in prefabs/POIs (so that you don’t obstruct quests).
G9. Mining for resources is to be only carried out within reset zones.
G10. When looting, first in gets first serve.
G11. No ninja looting only end prefab content. No using frames etc.
G12. No framing externals of buildings. Access via the supplied door or prefab entry point only.
G13. If someone is waiting under an airdrop when you arrive, they have loot rights.


G1. Falling blocks lags the whole server cumulatively until restart. Large quantities of falling blocks can crash servers.
G5. Includes dropped bags or unclaimed/unlocked storage.
G6. Roads are for public travel. Land claim may reach road but not go over it.
G7. Reset zones automatically delete anything built within them periodically.
G8. When a player rallies a quest marker at a POI the POI is reset/restored, this destroys anything players have built except when a bedroll or land claim is present, which prevents players from completing their quests.
G9. You are still allowed to make underground bases and tunnels within your own land claim. When you enter a reset zone in-game, the server will message you to let you know. You can see where reset zones are by visiting the live interactive map using the links below. You can also type /where to check if you are within a reset zone.

DigitalPlay Discord

Join our discord server to chat to our community of players here using the following link to our discord server –

7DTD Live Maps

Stable Live Map – Stable Map

Whitelisted Live Map – Whitelisted Map

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